"What's with the 108?"

June 20, 2018

Some of you have noticed a pattern.


Last week we announced that we were looking for 108 founding partnerships. Our founding membership, which gives you unlimited yoga classes and 20% off of art classes for yourself July 15-September 15, costs 108 dollars. A summer of unlimited kids' art classes cost 108 dollars. It costs 108 dollars to be a founding sponsor. And our monthly unlimited yoga membership will be 108 dollars per month, ongoing, after September 15th. And today, to celebrate the solstice (fashionably early) my day even started with 108 sun salutations during a yoga mala. 


In Hinduism and yoga the number 108 shows up a lot. It is said to be a number of completeness. If you've got a western/christian background, think about the number 7 and you'll get the idea. There are 108 Upanishads. There are 108 sacred sites in India. There are said to be 108 sacred points on the body. There are 108 different kinds of letters in the sanskrit alphabet. The sun's diameter is 108 times larger than that of the Earth's and the average distance between the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. Is your head spinning yet? There's more! But most of you stopped caring when I said Upanishads (what the heck is she talking about?!), so we'll leave it there for now. This number became significant in yoga tradition and there is a lot of ceremony around it--like the insane practice of getting up before the sun rises and doing 108 sun salutations on the solstice or the more reasonable practice of meditating with mala beads.


At Sol Space we don't have a ton of class pack options. We've got a drop-in option and an unlimited membership. We're very intentionally keeping it simple. One of the reasons for this is wholeness. We want to create a space where people can show up with their whole selves, where people bloom and thrive. And we want to be able to hold one another accountable. We also want to be able to give back to the community and make wellness accessible to everyone and this pricing structure best allows us to do that. 


So 108 partnerships allows us to fully fund the amazing thing we are trying to do, to bring our vision to completeness. And 108 dollars allows you to be part of something good in a time when it's easy to get caught up in all of the bad. It's recognizing that we are all intrinsically connected and that we're only truly whole when we live in that fact; and it's being a part of something that seeks to bring that realization to as many people as possible through finding our breath, moving our bodies, creating art, sharing our stories and having fun together.


So consider becoming a founding partner. You can purchase a membership and get unlimited yoga and a discount on art classes. Or you can be a founding sponsor and give a month of unlimited classes to someone who might otherwise not be able to take them. Either way, your name will go on our wall and we'll donate an additional drop-in class to someone who needs it! And you'll get to be part of this thing that we're building, which is by no means just an ordinary thing.

Use this link to become a founding member


Use this link to become a founding sponsor (enter your name where it says "from" and enter "sponsor" in all other required fields).

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