The Vision of South Jersey Wellness Collective

March 9, 2019


First: let's address the elephant in the room. Sol Space is in the process of rebranding. We will still keep the name, Sol Space, for yoga and energy work. But we are operating under the umbrella of the South Jersey Wellness Collective. We originally incorporated as such, as we had eventual hopes to expand our offerings from just yoga and art. And true to the course that this community has taken right from the start, things just happened more quickly than we had ever imagined. Needs and wants came out of the community and individuals arose to meet those needs. And in the process, we acquired some additional space to be a container for all of the magic. 


Our ultimate goal at SJWC (and Sol Space) is to create a one-stop-shop for your holistic wellness. We want individuals to find a place to connect regardless of interests, demographic, skill set, body type, belief system, gender, sexuality, etc. In order to help make this happen, we offer a wide variety of services to help people to experience wellness and we do our best to keep our services from being cost prohibitive. So whether you take an art class, do some yoga, participate in health coaching, show up for our women's group or brunch potluck, get some energy work or a massage or come to one of our many workshops, there's a place for you here. We're casting a wide net because we want our wellness community to be as diverse as the community in which it sits. And we believe each person brings something valuable to the table.


At SJWC we also believe that most everyone has experienced some sort of trauma in their lives and that trauma gets stored inside of our bodies and in the deep recesses of our minds. In order for us to process pain, grief and trauma, we've got to integrate those hard experiences into our every day lives. It's a process that involves vulnerability. But it's also a process that looks differently for every single person. So one person might choose to move their bodies in a yoga class while someone else decides to create art (two practices that have been clinically proven to help integrate and heal trauma!). Another might decide to get a massage or get a reiki attunement. And someone else might decide to tackle some issues with food and do body positive health coaching. All of these practices are done with the client's comfort and wellbeing in mind. In a yoga class, teachers will always ask consent in a discreet way, allowing you to opt out before they put their hands on you. Your art can stay private and we'll never put it on display without consent. Reiki can be performed without touch. Clothes can stay on during a massage and you can request certain areas of your body not be worked on. And Ayrin Hnosko, the social worker who sees clients in our space, does so with a strong background in trauma informed practice and she is a resource for all of the teachers and practitioners in our space. 


So if you're worried about showing up, that's okay. Doing something new with new people is unsettling and just straight up scary sometimes. Just know that you're welcome here. Your baggage is welcome here. And we'd love to hear your story.

Stay tuned for the following workshop dates : self mayofacial release, yoga for bigger bodies, yoga inversions

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