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March 20, 2019

I never wanted to own a business. As a matter of fact, when people would talk about being entrepreneurs, my thought was always, "Why would anyone want to do that?!" But the older I got, the more I realized that all of my professional career involved trying to fit square pegs into circular holes. In human services, the professional is constantly trying to meet the needs of other humans in a context devoid of authentic community... and often without the consumer asking for the help. I moved into different fields, got additional education and kept coming back to the same fundamental questions that the agencies and organizations that I worked for were not answering (or at least, not answering to my satisfaction). And so as way leads onto way, I found myself in yoga teacher training. From there, I found myself with an amazing friend who wanted to do a thing with me and bring wellness via art and movement to Woodbury. Then a space fell into our laps. And we've been speeding down a mountain side ever since. So now, here we are just trying to keep up and not lose sight of those questions that brought us here in the first place. What do humans need to thrive? And how can we hold the space for people to experience genuine healing by connecting them with compassionate practitioners/teachers/healers who are excellent at what they do?


These questions drive all that we do here at South Jersey Wellness Collective (and Sol Space). So we are continuously offering new services, connecting with new practitioners and offering new opportunities for you to connect with a wellness service that resonates with you. And on that note, Sol Space is now offering Crystal Healing sessions! Ash Charlson is a Certified Crystal Healer with 5 years of crystal healing experience. Crystal Healing is the practice of placing crystals, stones, and minerals on and around the body to encourage energetic shifts. Every session is tailored to each person's present state and is unique because of this. Ash strives to provide a space of healing and relaxation in each and every session. To schedule a session with Ash, email or find her availability on our mind body app (she's booking appointments on Thursdays and Fridays).


In addition to all of the amazing healing modalities we've got going on in our healing suite, we've got quite a few exciting workshops/enrollments planned (click on a workshop to register!):


Myofacial Release: In this two-hour workshop we will use mobility tools called myofascial release balls, specifically designed to work with the bodies’ soft tissue system, for relieving tight muscles over the entire body. We will work head to toe, releasing many commonly tense areas of the body, leaving you feeling completely relaxed. This type of musculoskeletal release can relieve muscular pain and trigger points, increase joint mobility, flush out built up toxins, benefit blood and lymph flow and promote relaxation. 3/31 2-4pm


Unearthing the Wild Woman: in this five part book study, participants will dive into the the beginning two tales of Dr. Estés award winning book, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype. We will gather in an intimate circle of up to ten people to examine, unearth, and better understand the wild-ish aspects of the wild woman archetype. For many women, the domestication of Wild Woman has lead to disconnection from one’s own inner knowing and self deprivation of basic needs. Participants will gain deeper insight into their psyches through tools and techniques for association, laying their own lives down next to the story, and dream analysis. 4/1, 4/15. 4/29. 5/6. 5/20 7-8:30p


Yoga for Bigger Bodies: Yoga is for all body types. And we've got a workshop to prove it. Join Meghan Peters as she leads participants through different yoga postures with bigger bodies in mind. Learn to make modifications to your practice so that poses are accessible to you, just the way you are. Expect to be stretched, strengthened and challenged... but most of all, expect to laugh and have fun in the process. 4/6 12-2p


Yoga Nidra: Yoga Nidra means “Yogic Sleep.” It is a deep, guided meditation practice that has the potential to bring about profound mental and physical relaxation. We will begin with very gentle movements to center both breath and body and prepare for stillness, followed by the practice of Yoga Nidra, which lasts about one hour. All physical conditions are welcome as long as you can lie on the floor for an extended period of time. No other previous meditation or yoga experience is necessary to participate. 4/12 6-7:30p


Yoga for Beginners:  Have you been curious about yoga but you just aren't really sure  if it's for you? This 4-class series is a perfect place to start. The series is designed with absolute beginners in mind. Learn what distinguishes yoga from other forms of exercise or stretching, the difference between the different types of yoga, and basic yoga postures and flows. 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4 11:30-12:30p


Crystal Grids: Crystal grids are powerful tools for manifestation and goal setting. In this workshop we’ll discuss the powerful synergy of sacred geometry, healing crystals, and your intentions! 4/27 2-4p


There is SO MUCH happening here and we couldn't be happier about it. Stay tuned for announcements about summer programing, new offerings coming to the healing suite in April and even more workshops that are being planned for May and June!! 

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