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Holistic Wellness

At Sol Space we are passionate about holistic wellness. This simply means that we acknowledge the fact that we operate within a larger system. There are many facets of ourselves that can be addressed as we look at our individual wellness. And as individuals, we are part of a community and as a community we are part of humanity and as humans we are part of the natural system that includes all life.

This means that we make efforts to consider the social and environmental impact of each decision we make as we strive to provide people with ways to engage with wellness on every level. Aside from working to make yoga and art classes available to those who might not have easy access to them and giving community members a venue to share their stories with one another, here are some ways we are working to positively impact the world around us.

  • Yoga Mats made from sustainable and fair sourced materials

  • Fair trade tea available

  • Compostable cups

  • Stools made from recycled materials

  • Nontoxic and biodegradable cleaning products 

  • No perfumes or chemically scented soaps or products

  • Filtered water available to refill your reusable water bottles

  • Recycling and compost bins readily available to help reduce volume of trash

This list is far from extensive, but it is our hope that the ways in which we address our social and environmental responsibilities continue to grow as we have more resources available to us.